Operation of Websites & Online Services

The GEROY team works with customers to ensure website success. We not only optimize the technical aspects of websites, but we also strive to offer readers experience and added value. Search engine optimization affects significantly more aspects than most website operators think.

Which web agency is right for your project?

If you choose a web agency, you quickly overlook the diverse tasks that it has to perform. Without an appropriate team size, these are not manageable. We see the trend towards outsourcing to freelancers in this area, but we also see the advantages for our projects that we do not employ freelancers ourselves and our team, therefore, works stably and always professionally.

The GEROY Team includes:

emcaustria.at website
emcaustria.at website
  • We have full-time colleagues in our team from the following areas:
  • Web authors full-time native speakers for German, English and Russian
  • Project manager with experience in coordinating interdisciplinary teams
  • Quality managers who don’t miss any problems or bugs
  • Web designers who care about the graphic implementation
  • Video producers that generate moving image data bring attention or explain
  • Customer service and direct contacts for customers and their employees
  • SEO experts who ensure the best search engine results
  • SMM (Social Media) managers who professionally lead your tasks to success
  • Content managers who keep website content up to date
  • Developer for own websites and CMS systems
  • Developer for apps and browser applications of various operating systems
  • Billing manager and time attendance manager to keep costs down
  • IT system technician for server operation and security-related monitoring

How much does a website cost?

We don’t sell websites, so we don’t know that exactly. But we run our projects together with our partners and customers. This means that we usually agree a lump sum at the beginning of a project, with which we cover a certain range of services for the operation of a website.

A sample offer for simple web projects is:

  • 1h per day project manager, quality assurance and web developer (1,150.00 euro / month)
  • 10h a week contact manager and customer service (850.00 euro / month)
  • 2h per week authors / texts & web graphic designers (450.00 euro / month)
  • 2h per week SEO experts (450.00 euro / month)
  • Server operation and hosting up to “100.000 visitors per month” (100.00 euro / month)

This scope (total: 3,000.00 euro / month) usually replaces a full-time employee as the person responsible for the website + additional effort for all external specialists.

Therefore, the savings are in any case already higher than the costs and the operation of the website is carried out by a team of specialists.

Reasons for professional WebServices

  • If you put the operation of your website into the hands of professionals, you show that it is important to him.
  • In most industries, websites are vital to survival in one way or another. If you do not use the available options on the Internet, then your competitors will certainly do so.
  • First of all, you should certainly consider whether a business card from your company on the Internet is sufficient or whether you can and should not be able to achieve more via the Internet.
  • 100% of all prefabricated houses sold were purchased in 2019 using the websites of the providers or other online channels. The house building companies that are under-active on the Internet have had to accept all the declines in sales.
  • In addition to online shopping areas, the Internet now plays a much more important role than all other presentation options. Anyone who still relies mainly on classic advertising today has already risked part of their future.
  • But websites need experts and not just graphically beautiful implementations. Because readers are busy with it on a wide variety of devices and are particularly pleased with its flawless and simple function. Google, in turn, likes to take money for advertising, but it rewards website operators who offer readers a helpful page with top positions that always remain free.
  • That is why a website without search engine optimization and ongoing monitoring is expensive to operate today and not very efficient.
  • We offer our partners the complete package:
  • Expertise and implementation including ongoing support and adjustments. That at reasonable monthly costs that are significantly cheaper than if you only had a fraction of the work done in-house.

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